Harley Davidson 1929 29BAF 350cc 1 cyl ohv



Harley-Davidson 1929  model  “29BAF”   346cc ohv single  frame# 28A1666 engine# 29BAF 1806

The 35 ci singles were discontinued at the end of the model year 1918. 
The company tried to win customers in the 600cc class with the flat twin model W Sport Twin that was produced from 1919 up to including 1923.  
Sales were relatively modest, but it was clear that especially in the European markets a small-capacity HD would be a selling point, if only to act as a “starter model”. 
In 1926 some 350 cc class models were brought out. 
The side valve models 26A and B (the B had an electrical lighting system) were good sellers: more than 7000 machines found a home in the first year of production. 
The   OHV  “BA” versions were rather exotic machines mainly meant for competition use. 
In the course of 1928 a two-port version appeared, the “BAF”. 
This model was not for sale on the home market, so the “F” might have stood for “Foreign”. 
According to the HD factory book “The legend begins”  506 BAFs were produced from 1928 through 1930 so  survivors  must be pretty rare. This vintage Harley single is an older restoration and is in good,  used condition.