Harley Davidson 1930 30D 742cc 2 cyl sv 3109



Harley-Davidson 1930 “Model D” 742cc side valve V-twin frame # 2114 engine # 30D2114

The model D, which was in production from 1929 till 1931, is sometimes referred to as the “three cylinder Harley“, because of the remarkable vertical position of the dynamo: in a cost saving idea, the new motorcycle was designed to use the existing frame from the 350cc Model B single.
This required the generator to be mounted vertically because of the lack of space in the frame triangle.
Another special feature of the early 750cc models are the twin bullet headlights, used in 1929 and 1930 only.
The D designation refers to the standard compression engine that was fitted: the D had a ratio of 4.3:1, the DL came to 5.1.
There was also a high compression version the DLD, that had a compression ratio of 6:1.
The D developed about 15hp@3,900rpm and could reach a top speed of 100km. Some new features for 1930 were: new frame that lowered the saddle height and increased the ground clearance, drop forged I-beam front forks and double chain primary drive with automatic oiling.
About 2000 model Ds found an enthusiastic owner in 1930.
Standard paint finish was Olive Green with maroon striping, with a centre gold stripe; handlebars and wheel rims were black. (source: Matthias Gerst).
The machine we present here has been excellently restored and is a running well.