Harley Davidson 1930 V combination 1208 cc 2cyl sv 3306



Harley Davidson 1930 “V” 1208 cc side valve V-twin combination frame# 301462 engine# 30V-6572C
In 1930 the Model “V” came on the market to replace the F-head models J and JD. Despite the factory’s enthusiasm, the model V was not an instant success. The first examples were recalled for an extensive engine redesign. A larger crankcase accommodating heavier flywheels did the trick and, its problems solved, the 74ci ‘flat head’ went on to win the hearts of Harley enthusiasts everywhere. The model “V” was a medium compression model, the “VL” was its high-compression brother, designed for sidecar and package truck use. The Big Twin produced some 30 HP and it was the top of the line for Harley-Davidson customers in the 30s.The 1930 model year was the only year in which the dual bullet headlights were used on the Big Twins. Another one-year feature was the two-tube muffler. Almost 10,000 Big Twins were produced that year; the heavy model was more popular than the new 750 cc model D, of which some 5,500 were produced.
The known and documented history of this Harley-Davidson goes back to 1954 as a car mechanic managed to purchase it from the governmental office for machines and metal reserves in former East Germany. He disassembled it and stored it in parts for 12 years. In 1966 he carefully and professionally assembled the individual parts in his workshop and made the combination roadworthy again. In 1970 he was able to leave the then German Democratic Republic with his Harley and moved to Western Germany. In the same year he sold the Harley to a new owner, who, being a penniless student, had to pay with money borrowed from friends. One year later the combination proved to be the perfect vehicle to drive to the town hall for his wedding. The combination stayed in the family’s possession until now and was also used at the 25th and 50th wedding anniversary! She was restored to her current state in 2022 and is ready for the road, possibly to be used by another happy couple.