Harley Davidson 1932 32V 1200 cc 2 cyl sv



Harley davidson  1932  “V”  1208 cc side valve V-twin  frame # 15227  engine #32 V 1310 C 

In 1930 the Model “V” came on the market to replace the F-head models J and JD.
The model “V” was a medium compression model, the “VL” was its high-compression brother, designed for sidecar and package truck use. The “VL”  produced some 30 HP and it   was the top of the line for Harley-Davidson customers in the 30s. In 1936 the VL was replaced by a heavier model, the 80 cu inch ( 1340 cc) VLH. That machine produced 34 HP   and weighed 247 kg.
The “V” had a power output of 28 HP @ 4000 rpm.
Some of the  new features for the  1932 model year were: new cylinders that gave improved airflow for better cooling and strengthened front forks .
This machine comes complete with accessory spotlight.
 It  has been well-restored   a number of years ago and is a strong runner.