Harley-Davidson 1962 FL Duo-Glide 1207cc 2cyl OHV 3307



Harley-Davidson 1962 FL “Duo-Glide Police Special” 1207 cc OHV V-twin frame # A9972 engine # 62FL10645

The Duo-Glide was so-named because in 1958 Milwaukee’s 1200cc Panhead was equipped with both telescopic front forks and a swingarm rear suspension, the latter’s action controlled by a pair of outsized, chrome-covered shock absorbers. It was a big step forward in comfort for touring riders, who came to revel in the bike’s cushy ‘Glide Ride.’ Many mounted saddlebags and a windshield, and hit the road bound for points unknown. This year also saw the arrival of a hydraulically activated rear drum brake, but the dual suspension was the big news. “Highway…expressway…country lanes…city streets – there’s always a smooth road when you ride a Duo-Glide“, Milwaukee’s ad writers promised. “Solo or with a buddy, you travel smooth as silk – hydraulically smooth from front fork to rear suspension“.
The FL-series was available from 1958 up to and including 1964, in various models: the FL designation stood for standard compression engine and foot change. From 1965 on an electric starter would be fitted: the ‘Electra Glide’ was born. Among the new features for the 1962 model year were the “Tombstone-style” speedometer and, available as accessories, spotlights to be mounted on each side of the headlamp.
This impressive super machine started life as a police machine in Belgium. She weighs some 240 kg but its 57hp engine promises a top speed of around 155 km. She’s well-restored, road-registered and comes complete with foot change, imposing pannier bags, crash bars, red side lights and foot-operated siren.