Henderson 1922 DeLuxe 1305cc 4cyl sv 3212



Henderson 1922 “DeLuxe” 1305 cc side valve four cylinder engine # D1898

Although the brothers Tom and Will Henderson have made excellent motorcycles from 1911 on, they don’t manage to get the company financially sound. In the course of 1917 Ignaz Schwinn, who had already taken over the Excelsior Supply Company in 1912, shows an interest to take over the production of the famous Henderson Four. Towards the end of the year the deal is struck and all Henderson assets are moved from Detroit to Chicago. Tom Henderson gets a 5-year $10,000 per year contract as general sales manager and Will accepts the offer of $5,000 yearly to act as factory superintendent. So from 1918 on the Hendersons are made in Chicago and year by year the machines are being improved.
The DeLuxe is introduced in 1922 and will bring even more fame to the make. Arthur Lemon designs several practical improvements. Important is the new lower and wider frame, giving a lower center of gravity, better balance and better roadholding. The intake manifold is enlarged, as is the carburetor and the rear brake becomes more powerful. The new DeLuxe engine develops 28 hp at 3,400 rpm, good for a top speed of 80 mph. The machine becomes very popular with police forces because of its speed and reliability. The DeLuxe is last produced for the 1928 model year, the 1929 model Henderson is announced to the public early in 1929 as the model KJ, dubbed “the Streamline Henderson” because of the graceful lines of mudguards and petrol tank. Due to the economic depression Henderson motorcycle production ceases in 1931.
The machine we present here is a well-restored specimen of this famous make.