Henderson 1928 DeLuxe 1305cc 4 cyl sv 3310



Henderson 1928 “DeLuxe” 1305 cc side valve four cylinder frame # 2893301 engine # 28933

The Henderson DeLuxe was introduced in 1922 and this new model would become an iconic motorcycle. Arthur Lemon designed several basic improvements such as larger intake manifold, larger carburetor and crankshaft and a more efficient rear brake. The new DeLuxe engine developed 28 HP at 3,400 RPM, giving it a top speed of 80 MPH. The machine became very popular with police forces because of its speed and reliability. The DeLuxe was last produced for the 1928 model year, the 1929 model Henderson was announced to the public early in 1929 as the model KJ, dubbed “the Streamline Henderson” because of the graceful lines of fenders and petrol tank. Due to the economic depression Henderson motorcycle production ceased in 1931.
The 1928 catalogue presents a virtual road test, a short extract makes interesting reading. “You must actually sit in the saddle and take a Henderson over the road to gain any full appreciation of all the new features – to feel the fascination of the velvety-smooth four cylinder motor. Let’s do that very thing mentally, visualizing a call on the local Henderson dealer looking over and trying his demonstrator. At first glance, the symmetrical, clean cut lines of the new model make a favourable impression. Everything about the machine looks suitable and efficient. The new four-inch oversize Straight Side Balloon tyres catch your eye. Observe the width and strength of the new rim too. A deep central well or channel stiffens the rim and it is further reinforced by the turned edges. Climb into the saddle and notice how roomy and comfortable it is. Note also how low the engine weight is hung. This gives the Henderson an unusually low center of gravity, makes it almost self-balancing and holds it to the road at high speeds. In the front forks, an entire new system of springing has been adopted. Another innovation that is a real safeguard is the front wheel brake. It is especially valuable in emergency stops. The ammeter and oil gauge are now mounted flush in a neat pressed steel instrument panel and the lighting equipment is controlled by two push-pull switches. The speedometer head is carried on the same bracket and illuminated by the speedometer light. The cylinders used on this new model give an increase in power output of six to eight horsepower, achieved by higher compression and better gas passages. Easy starting has always been one of the outstanding attractions of the Henderson. With four cylinders, there are four chances of starting on the first kick-over. The magneto turns at engine speed instead of half that fast and this insures a red-hot spark.“ The thrill of actually riding the new 1928 Henderson is described then in great detail and the writer makes our mouths water indeed….
The machine we offer here has been restored a number of years ago, there’s a photographic account of the engine restoration. She’s in excellent overall condition and is registered for the road. (video: https://youtu.be/1QGniOWbb-w )