Honda ca1964 CB92 Benly 124cc 2 cyl ohc 2912



Honda 1964  Benly CB92 Super Sport 124 cc OHC twin frame # CB 92 2105269 engine # CB92E-2101452

At its introduction this sporty little 125 was surely a revelation to a market used to traditional British machinery.
The CB92 Super Sport took its styling and design cues from the larger-displacement C71, C76, C72 and C77 Dream series.
The 360 degree overhead cam parallel twin engine generating 15 bhp at a heady 10,500 rpm must have been the most eye opening feature, but it didn’t stop there.
Other unusual features to the European eye would have included the pressed steel frame, leading link forks, twin leading shoe eight inch front brake (on a 125!), and electric start.
With its aggressive styling, class-leading specification, phenomenal output, excellent brakes and 250-beating performance, the CB92 proved an outstanding success and today is one of the most desirable of early Japanese classics.
This “Benly” – from the Japanese word “benri”, meaning “convenient” – has been restored meticulously.