Honda 1965 C110 49cc 1 cyl ohv 3112



Honda 1965ca. “CA110 Sport 50” 49cc OHV single frame # C 110A 16596 engine # P8400

Introduced in 1958, Honda’s classic 49cc C100 Cub ‘step-thru’ gave millions of people the world over their first taste of two-wheeled mobility.
Better-built, more powerful and more reliable than the majority of contemporary mopeds, while endowed with handling superior to that of the small-wheeled scooter, the C100 set new sales records for motorcycle production and its descendants continue to be immensely popular today.
The first sports derivative, the C110 Sports Cub, appeared in October 1960.
This was a proper small motorcycle, with spine frame and a more powerful version of the C100 motor having a higher compression ratio. In 1962 the CA 110 was brought out as the “Sport 50”.
This model remained in production until 1966.
It develops 5hp and has a top speed of about 80km.
The engine performance was very pleasing and it was willing to turn high revs.
An aesthetic plus for many people was the upswept exhaust with heat shield.
The machine we offer is in original and unrestored condition.
The front mudguard and headlamp shell need attention. She has been part of a static collection for a long time and will need to be recommissioned.