Honda 1968 CD175 174cc 2cyl OHC 3311



Honda 1968 CD175 174cc OHC twin frame # CD175-1016674 engine # CD175E-1018947

The Honda CD175was produced from 1967 to 1979. Described by Honda as a “great new all-rounder, at home around town or putting the highway behind you”, it was the touring model in Honda’s 175 cc motorcycle lineup that also included the sportier CB175 and the off-road CL175 version. It had an electric starter, except in the UK, turn signals, deeply valanced mudguards and mirrors. The inclined air-cooled engine was an evolutionary version of the older Honda CB160 power plant and contained some of the same components including most of the castings and some internal items. Styling and appearance on these early CD models was similar to the larger CB450K0 “Black Bomber”. In 1969the”K3″ models were brought out with a vertical engine and all-tube frame and some smaller body work changes that continued until the end of production in 1979.
In 1967 and 1968 theCD175 cylinders inclined 30 degrees forward from vertical (“sloper” engine) with 9:1 compression ratio and the max power delivered was 17 hp @ 10,500 rpm. From 1969 to 1979 it had a similar 4 stroke engine but with vertical cylinders that generated max 15 hp @ 10,000 rpm. Both engines used a single carburettor.
This CD 175 is in presentable original condition but hasn’t been run for quite some time. It comes in combination with a second CD 175 as parts donor (last photo).