Honda 1969 CB160 161cc 2cyl OHC 3310



Honda 1969 CB160 161cc OHC twin frame # B160-1072635 engine B160L-1072445

Through much of the ’60s, the lightweight class represented a significant part of the market for the Japanese manufacturers. And this bike, Honda’s CB160, was one of the machines many young riders lusted after. Introduced in 1965, the CB160 incorporated trickle-down technology from the rest of the company’s line. Honda’s original offerings in the USA used stamped-steel “monocoque” frames, but starting with the 250cc Hawk and 305cc Super Hawk in ’61, the sport models got more modern tubular frames. With the CB160, that updated look arrived in the lightweight class. The 161cc single-overhead cam, four-stroke twin delivered on that promise, spinning up to 10,000 rpm and generating 16.5 horsepower—enough, the company claimed, for a top end of 120 km/h.

This unrestored, good looking lightweight comes with its original tool kit. She has been part of a static Honda collection for quite some time and will benefit from a good-check-up before being used on the road.