HRD 1937 Comet series A 500 cc 1 cyl ohv



1937 HRD Comet 500cc OHV Series A.

The tiny Vincent-HRD concern in Stevenage was from the beginning devoted to the manufacture of exclusive motorcycles for the  connoiseur. Vincent-HRD introduced its own 500cc OHV engine in 1934, A vertical cast iron cylinder and head with hairpin
valvesprings are standard. Bore and stroke are 84 x 90mm and it has a high camshaft valve operating mechanism. 
External  oilpump and pipes are used on this 1937 Comet.
This Comet has duo-brakes, twin 7 in. drums front and rear as standard equipment. 
The rear suspension has the springunits fitted under the saddle. 
This 1937 Comet is a lightly tuned
version of the milder model Meteor. 
The 1937 Comet offered her is in original, unrestored condition with original first  paint and chrome.  
HRD Comet, a thoroughbred and a fine chance for the sporty rider to be used for vintage clubruns or a fast spin on country roads.