HRD 1948 Rapide 1000cc 2 cyl ohv 2508



HRD 1948  Rapide 998cc

Ever since the Series A's arrival in 1937, the Vincent v-twin has been synonymous with design innovation, engineering excellence and superlative high performance.
From Rollie Free's capture of the 'world's fastest production motorcycle' record in 1948 on a tuned Series B Black Shadow to the final fully enclosed Black Knight and Black Prince, Philip Vincent's stress on appearance and performance is legendary. 
His machines bristled with innovative features including adjustable footrests,
brake pedal, seat height and gear-change lever. 
The finish was to a very high standard commensurate with the cost
of the machine, which was virtually double that of any of its contemporaries. 
But above all else it was the v-twin's stupendous performance that captivated motorcyclists, whether they could afford one or not.
With a top speed approaching 120mph and bettering it in the Black Shadow's case, the Vincent v-twin was the fastest road vehicle of its day.
This 1948 HRD is a nice older restoration and runs  well.
This is one of the superbikes of the past.