Imperia 1933 4 valve radial Rudge Python racing 350 cc 1 cyl



Imperia 1933  racer    Rudge Python 4 valve ohv single frame# 40649  engine # 2793

The company was formed in 1924 in Cologne under the name „Kölner Motorrad- und Maschinenbau Dr. Franz Becker“ (K.M.B.). 
One year later the „Imperia“ name was first used and in 1926 the company was bought by Rolf Schrödter, who moved the production facilities to Bad Godesberg. 
Imperia had gained a good reputation in the first years of its existence, the make built sporty machines with engines from MAG, JAP, Blackburne  and Bradshaw. 
Imeria machines won many races and  sales were good.  In the late twenties the „500 Sport“ with an output  of   more than  20 HP was a very successful model.
 In 1933  a racing model with  Python four valve engine was marketed  and many victories were gained in races.
When the  Nazis put very high import taxes on foreign engines  Imperia had to  look for German-built power sources but this proved unsuccessful. 
In 1935 Imperia   motorcycle production was ended.