Indian 1915 7 HP Big Twin Model C3 994cc 2 cyl IOE 3210



Indian 1915 7 HP Big Twin “Model C3” 994 cc IOE V-twin engine # 71G696

By 1913 Indian was the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world; the 1913 production was almost 32,000 machines. There were 2,000 dealers all over the world and Indian controlled some 42% of the domestic motorcycle market in the USA, according to a company claim.
For 1915 about a dozen models were offered, designated by the letters “A” till “E” and in variations from single speed to three speed. Interestingly the domestic American catalogue doesn’t mention the “A” models but in the British and French brochures we see that this letter refers to a 498cc twin model, in the French brochure labelled “Baby”.
Top-of-the-range model was the 994 cc Model C, labelled “Big Twin”. The ”Model C” was available in single speed and with 2 or 3 speed countershaft gearbox. This sturdy vintage 3-speeder comes with luggage rack -available for an extra $2 when ordered with the machine- and a front wheel stand, which was not fitted to home-market Indians but which appears in the export market catalogues. This Big twin has the correct Hedstrom carburettor and Dixie magneto. She comes with refurbished Troxel ‘Jumbo” saddle and is presented in authentic patina condition. The engine is running but some adjustments will have to be carried out to get her ready for the road.