Indian 1915 7 HP Big Twin Model C3 994cc 2 cyl IOE 3407



Indian 1915 7 HP Big Twin “Model C3” 994 cc IOE V-twin frame & engine # 68G595

For 1915 Indian offers about 10 models, among which feature a couple of lighter twins that are designated “Little Twin”. Some new features for 1915 are the use of chrome-vanadium steel tubing and the option of a three speed gearbox. The “”Model C” is available in single speed and with 2 or 3 speed countershaft gearbox. The clutch can be controlled by a big lever on the right of the tank and by a foot lever next to the left footboard.
Indian has used a foot-starting mechanism since 1912 but this is fitted in front of the engine and works with a chainwheel and chain on an extension of the crankshaft. For 1915 a new system is introduced that uses a quadrant and a ratchet pinion on the clutch shaft. The ratio is such that one stroke of the starter gives three revolutions of the crankshaft. This makes starting so easy that the catalogue promises “So powerful is this starter that the motor can easily be started by a twelve year old boy or girl.

The machine we present has been meticulously restored a number of years ago and proves to be a good starter & runner. She spent her entire life in Finland; it’s assumed that she was used by the Russian authorities that were in charge in Finland between 1809 and 1917 for patrol duties to keep order. The machine was left after the Russians were forced to leave, was found by an enthusiast in partly dismantled state and later restored to her current condition. She comes with 130 KM Corbin speedo, “Long Horn Model J” hand horn and “Old Sol” acetylene lighting system.