Indian 1923 PowerPlus Standard 998cc 2cyl sv 3302



Indian 1923 “PowerPlus Standard” 998cc side valve V- twin engine # 71V183

The hugely popular PowerPlus enjoyed a nine year production run. Its side-valve engine proved utterly reliable and almost unbreakable. However, by the early twenties the Chief and Big Chief had taken up the top position of the PowerPlus in the Indian range. In the 1922 catalogue the PowerPlus was referred to as the “Special” and in 1923 the model got wider and more modern looking mudguards. It was then christened “Standard”. But the days of the venerable Powerplus were almost numbered; in 1924 it was last mentioned in the sales literature.
The electrically-equipped machine we present here once had a sidecar fitted and originates from Australia, it has the kick starter on the right hand side. It was restored, probably quite some time ago, when apparently not all correct parts were available. Most conspicuous is the Albion gearbox, but also wheel rims, saddle, carburettor, some control levers and some of the sheet metal are non-original. A correct PowerPlus gearbox is available, albeit in unknown condition. The machine as a whole looks very sound and it should not be very difficult to bring her back to original specifications.