Indian 1925 Big Chief 1206cc 2 cyl sv 3001



Indian 1925 Big Chief 1206 cc side valve V-twin engine # 91Y725

The overwhelming enthusiasm for the Scout caused many riders, dealers and overseas agents to push the factory to design a larger, heavyweight V-twin along Scout lines with more speed and power, especially suited for sidecar work.
Many factory executives supported the idea because the still popular PowerPlus began to look a bit old-fashioned.
Franklin retired to the drawing board and designed a new model that would be known as the Chief.
The new model was announced in the fall of 1921 and was essentially an enlarged Scout with many PowerPlus (or Standard as it was now called) features: engine, front forks, wheel assemblies and other parts were basically similar to the Standard, with the addition of the Scout-type frame, helical gear drive and unit construction of engine and gearbox.
The 998 cc Chief was a successful model from the start and for the 1923 season a 1200 cc Big Chief model was added to the range.
The Chief delivered some 25 HP, the 200 extra cc of the Big Chief made for an estimated 5 HP extra.
Although Indian advertising focussed very much on the Scout, the Chief and Big Chief models sold better than the Scout.
Especially police departments were keen on the power and stamina of the Big Chief and from the start of production hundreds were sold to law enforcement agencies.
The first Big Chiefs had 28-inch wheels but for the 1925 model year smaller wheels with balloon-type tyres were fitted. Among other improvements for 1925 were a redesigned front fork construction, a new combination of clutch plates, Timken roller bearing in the clutch and to provide for cooler brakes, holes were drilled in the brake arm backing plate and the brake drum.
This ’25 model still has the comfortable spring seat post that would disappear for the 1926 model year.
This well-sorted Big Chief has been restored and comes with full electric lighting system, Klaxon and horn.
Sports handlebars are fitted and for safety reasons a drum front brake has been added.