Indian 1925 Scout 600cc 2 cyl sv 3010



Indian 1925 Scout 600 cc side valve V-twin engine # 55X144

The successful Scout model boasts quite a few new features for the 1925 season: removable cylinder heads, larger valves, improved clutch with greater plate area and a different type of saddle suspension to insure greater riding comfort and a lower riding position.
For better engine breathing wider valve cam profiles are used.
The 1925 brochure shows a power chart that claims a 20% power increase for the 1925 Scout as compared to the 1924 model; the maximum power the engine delivers is now 13 HP@3500 rpm.
A notable change in the front spring construction is that the rockers are now placed in front of the wheel spindle to give more leverage and rebound check.
The Scout weighs about 145 kg and is a pleasant machine to ride.
This unrestored machine is virtually complete and very sound. Valves and guides have been renewed and the cylinders still have their original bore diameters.
The Scout is complete with front and rear lights, electric horn and dynamo, but the wiring needs to be installed.
Main missing parts are the toolbox, battery box and hand brake lever, but these parts are easily obtainable as reproduction parts.
This excellent-basis- for- restoration Scout was in the pre-restoration process when the owner passed away.
It originates from Sweden, where green was a usual Indian finish.