Indian 1939-41 741 Sport Scout 2909



Indian ca. 1939 741 B in Sport Scout trim ca. 640cc side valve V-twin frame # 639 10173 engine# GDA 15203

This model of the famous Indian make was designed in 1939 to be used in the US army and the armies of its allies.
The configuration is much like that of its bigger brother the 750 cc Military Scout (model 640 B), but the 741 is built lighter as regards to both frame and engine.
There are also many differences in detail.
The production ran for about 6 years till 1944. In that period no significant changes were made in the 741’s specification. Ignition is by battery and coil, (the B in the model designation points to battery /coil ignition) weight is about 200kg, top speed 100km plus. Transmission 3 speed hand shift, tyres 4 x 18.
This 741 has been restored a number of years ago in Sport Scout trim: graceful Sport Scout fenders have been fitted and the cubic capacity of the engine has been enlarged by upgrading the cylinder bores, resulting in a more powerful and pleasantly-running machine.
This good-looking Indian is fitted with a comfortable passenger seat and comes complete with registration.