Indian 1942 741 500cc 2 cyl sv



Indian 1942 scout 741 B  500cc 2 cyl sv

Indian’s primary machine, the 741 was designed in 1939 to be used in the US army and the armies of its allies.
The  741, carried a 30.5-cubic-inch flathead V-twin based on the civilian Thirty-fifty model. Less powerful than Harley’s 45-cubic-inch WLA, the 741 was used mainly by couriers and scouts, as what it lacked in performance it made up for in durability.
A hand-shifted three-speed transmission and foot-operated clutch were fitted, both being normal practice for the day.
It must have been confusing for a rider to go from an Indian to a Harley, however, because the Indian’s clutch was engaged when the lever was pushed down with the heel, while a Harley’s engaged by pushing down with the toe.
The configuration is much like that of its bigger brother the 750 cc Military Scout ( model 640 B), but the 500 is built lighter as regards to both frame and engine.
There are also many differences in detail.
The production ran for about 6 years till 1944.
In that period no significant changes were made in the 741’s specification; about 35,000 machines were made.
Engine performance is about 15 HP at 4,800 rpm. Ignition is by battery and coil, (the B in the model designation points to battery /coil ignition) weight is 450 lb, top speed 65 mph. Tyres 3.50 x 18.
This Indian 741 is an older restoration and was used untill recently , for commuting transport and is in good running condition.