Kenilworth ca1921 engine 143cc 1 cyl OHV 3304



Kenilworth ca1921 engine 143cc OHV engine #722
For some years after the 1914-1918 war small wheeled scooters enjoyed a certain popularity. The Kenilworth was one of these designs and it should be said to its credit that it survived for about 5 years, which certainly wasn’t true for most of its competitors. Designer was Captain Smith-Clarke of Kenilworth. Primary drive is by belt, secondary by chain and there are no gears on board. In 1919 tests were carried out with a prototype that was equipped with a veteran Clément engine. By early 1920 production models were ready. The interesting little ohv engine has bore x stroke dimensions of 55x60mm.
This lot contains a rather complete engine with carburetor and fuel tank.