Kisapati Racer Ordinary  recreation of ca1887 machine 3309-48



Kisapati Racer Ordinary  recreation of ca 1887 machine

Recreations of Ordinary or High-wheel bicycles are popular with people who are enthusiastic about the challenge of riding this ancient type of bicycle. They often choose for a newly made machine because of the safety aspect as to the strength of materials etc. This ca. 52 inch machine has been manufactured by a well-known Hungarian craftsman, Zsolt Kisapati. His machines are very well finished and real works of art. He remarks about his products: “I produce all parts with my own hands in my workshop – oval frame, spokes, screws, bearings, etc. These machines are not disposable but artworks. They have been designed for exciting routes and long life to give the owner lots of happy miles and moments.” Check out his website