La Foudre 1903



1903 La Foudre (Buchet)

La Foudre is one of the pioneers of the French motorcycle history.  
The factory chose –as many contemporary companies did- to equip its machine with the famous ca.  
350cc inlet over exhaust Buchet engine. 
The inlet valve works on the atmospheric principle, the exhaust valve is operated by pushrod and rocker.
Ignition is by accumulator and coil, which was a popular and relatively reliable system in the early years of the motorcycle. 
Ignition timing can be controlled by a lever on the top tube, while a Longuemare carburettor is employed to feed the engine. 
On the side of the petrol tank we find the hand oil pump. 
A front as well as a rear brake are available, tyres are 26”. 
With a little tender love and care this early French survivor can be prepared for reliable use in veteran rallies.