LUCT 80 CV rotary aircraft engine ca. 1913 3403



Luct 1912ca  80HP  experimental rotary aircraft engine

One of the few companies that in the 10s produced star-typed engines was the Turinese company Luct (Ladetto, Ubertalli and Cavalchini), which designed different types of seven, eight and nine cylinder propulsors. After winding the company up, the production was continued by Fima of Turin. At the First Italian Military Competition of Aviation held in Turin at Mirafiori field in April 1913, among models which won qualification tests there was a rotary star model Luct with a power for 80 HP. This was a 6-stroke engine: mixture induction, compression, explosion with expansion, exhaust, washing and induction, washing air expulsion. During the 1913 Competition, the engine was assembled on a Nieuport-Wolsit monoplane. The Luct 80 HP never passed the experimental stage (source: Politecnico di Turino).  The engine we present is mounted on a rolling frame and is an impressive display item.