Lumen 1920ca Trottinette 143 cc 1 cyl OHV 3406



Lumen 1920 ca 143 cc OHV “Trottinette” motor scooter

Around 1920 there was both in Europe and the USA a short-lived interest in motorised scooters. Scooters were light, cheap to run and simple to use; it was thought that they might attract new urban customers, that would not so easily choose for a conventional motorcycle as means of transport. Judging from the publicity around this new form of transport, manufacturers often aimed specifically at female customers. Makes such as the ABC Skootamota, Kenilworth, Kingsbury and Stafford Mobile Pup gained some popularity in Britain. In France Georges Gauthier had already marketed a scooter forerunner in 1902. His Auto-Fauteuil would remain in production till around 1922. The scooter craze was over by the mid-1920s but they would become popular again in the 1950s. Another French company that presented a “trottinette” (=scooter) was the firm of J. Lacoste & Cie, established at Rue de Ridder 5 & 7 in Paris. The company brought out a motorised wheel at the Paris Salon in October 1919 that was fitted with an OHV engine. Two capacities were available, 1.5 hp with bore x stroke of 55 x 50 mm giving 142.6 cc and 2 hp (60 x 75 mm) giving 212.1 cc. The Lumen engine was fitted to the side of wheel hub and had an external flywheel, magneto ignition and Claudel carburettor. The Lumen motor wheel was available as cycle motor, to be mounted in any ordinary bicycle, simply by exchanging the rear wheel for the Lumen motor wheel. And there was also a scooter version, the Trottinette.
The Trottinette we offer has been repainted at some time in the past, but she still sports her original tyres, and apart from the magneto cover all original parts are present.