Madison 1903 2 hp 211cc 1 cyl ohv 2901



Madison 1903 2HP 211 cc ohv motor attachment in period Magnet bicycle frame # 36274 engine # 11

The Madison engine was manufactured at 9, Woolrych Street, Derby by the Madison Motor Company, whose motto was “We lead – others follow”.
The engine could be purchased complete at £11 18s, or in kit form at £3 15 s for the 2HP version or £4 for the 3HP model.
The engine came complete with spray carburettor, coil, tank, levers, plug, belt, exhaust pipe and a six month guarantee.
The engine has an automatic inlet valve and a mechanical exhaust valve.
The latter is of overhead construction which is quite modern for 1903.
The petrol tank has three compartments: petrol tank, ignition components and oil tank.
The oil is fed via a drip feed system to the crankcase.
The Madison engine is fitted to a circa 1900 “Magnet” cycle, made by W. H. Light and Sons from Gillingham, Dorset.
The bicycle is fitted with a sprung front wheel and Brooks saddle.
Accessories include a Riemann bulb horn and oil lamp.
This very early motorised bicycle comes complete with Pioneer certificate and has been displayed at the Beaulieu National Motor Museum in the seventies.
A number of years ago it got a technical check-over and it has been used regularly for vintage club outings since.
The previous owner reports that the Madison starts easily and has a comfortable cruising speed of some 20 mph.
The Madison Motor Company advertised this engine for a number of months in 1903 only, so it’s bound to be a very rare survivor.