man pushing girl on boneshaker meerschaum pipe 3304



This handcrafted meerschaum pipe shows a man pushing a girl on a boneshaker. The pipe was made by master carver Sadik Yanik. Sadik Yanik is an renowned artist located in Eskişehir, Turkey, who makes meerschaum pipes in a lot of different of themes​ as can be seen on his website:

Turkish block meerschaum has been renowned since the 1600s as the incomparable material for the world’s finest smoking pipes. Meerschaum is lightweight, incombustible and very porous. It gives the truest taste of your tobacco, while providing a cool dry smoke. The purest form of meerschaum is found in underground deposits in central Turkey near the city of Eskişehir. The raw meerschaum must pass through many hands before it becomes the world’s finest smoking pipe.

Like all sculptors, each master carver has developed a unique carving style. Even though general themes exist, each carver puts his own interpretation into the details.

A custom fitted case adds the final touch and protects the beauty of each meerschaum pipe. The core of each case is wood, which has been skillfully shaped to the exact dimensions of each pipe. The exterior is covered with durable vinyl and the interior is lined with soft velvet.

This pipe has never been used other than for display purposes.