Mars 1921 A20 1000 cc 2 cyl sv



Mars 1921 Model A20 1000 cc sv    Frame # 2084   Engine # 1375

in 1873, paul reissmann founded the company Mars for the production of cast-iron stoves in nuremberg, germany, followed by the production of hand-belt- and engine- driven sirens, grinding machines and bicycles. 
in 1903 he began with the construction of motorcycles and small cars.
the most famous design was this legendary ‘white Mars’, designed by the engineer claus franzenburger in 1920 (the design was available also in red and green color).
During the inflation of 1923/ 1924, the mars company came in economic difficulties.
After a change in ownership the Mars machines were distributed under the name ‘MA’.

Engine       :Maybach 80 x 95mm flattwin
Capacity :ca 955cc 
Rating   :8HP
Carburetter :Pallas
Ignition :Bosch Magneto 180 degree
Transmission :Manual 2-speed
Brakes  :One foot and one hand operated brake.
Wheels  :Interchangeable 22"
Tyres  :Beaded edge / clincher 28 x 3
Fueltank cap. :11,7 litres
Oiltank cap. :2 litres
Fuel consumption:4 litres per 100km
Oil consumption :0.25 litres per 100 km
Weight  : 140kg

This Machine is reconstructed with the use of as many as possible original parts around an original ca 1921 Mars Maybach engine, which runs very well.