Matchless 1919 model H 1000cc 2 cyl sv



Matchless 1919 1000cc JAP model H.

Charlie and Harry Collier produced their first motorcycle in 1899.
The first Matchless machines had engines manufactured by De Dion Bouton, MMC and JAP. 
Matchless were an early contester on the race  circuits and they won the 1907 TT races on the Isle of Man in the  single cylinder class. 
In 1908 they had to make do with second place, but 1909 and 1910 were winners again and the factory had proven their machines were Matchless indeed. 
The model we offer was designed  especially for sidecar use.
It is powered by a sturdy, reliable 1000cc v-twin JAP engine  and is equipped with  1920’s luxuries  such as rear  springing and all electric lighting. 
A mighty combination indeed, very  popular in its day as comfortable long distance family transport.
This machine has been restored some years ago and comes complete with  leg protection on the footboards, hand-controlled 3 speed gearbox, foot controlled clutch, front and rear springing, fully sprung sidecar with  widscreen and door, luggage rack with interchangeable spare wheel and  28×3 tyres. 
A really impressive machine that promises relaxed riding pleasure for the whole family!