Micromoteur 1922 63cc 1 cyl ts



Micromoteur 1922  63 cc  two stroke  auxiliary  engine “ Model A”  frame # 1542  engine # 923 A

The Labinal company was based in  Paris, Saint Ouen    and manufactured auxiliary engines to attach to bicycles. 
The first Labinal Micromoteurs were introduced in 1922 and the production run ended in 1928. 
Two types were available, the 63 cc Model A and the 75 cc Model B. 
The  little two stroke engine drives the front wheel and has a weight of approximately 7.5 kg. Practical  speed is 25 Km/hour  and  fuel consumption is less than 2 litres per 100 kilometres. 
The fuel tank holds about1½ litres. This charming early cyclemotor is in excellent original  and unrestored condition.