Miele 1950 98cc 1 cyl ts 3112



Miele 1950ca 98 cc Sachs two stroke  Frame # 482082  engine # 176829

When the company was founded in 1899, neither Carl Miele nor Reinhard Zinkann thought of producing two-wheeled means of transportation:diary centrifuges, butter machines and washing machines were developed and built in a former grain mill in the village of Herzebrock.
In 1907 the company moved to neighboring Gütersloh. A larger property with its own rail connection secured the necessary infrastructure there.
Around 1920 Miele began to explore the domain of motorized transportation.
A modest number of cars were produced but soon the company turned to bicycle manufacture and in the early thirties the logical step was to motorize them with 74 and 98 cc Sachs auxiliary engines.
By the end of the thirties Mieles were real lightweight motorcycles and known for their high quality.
In the early fifties the K100 was brought out with modern telescopic front forks. Motorcycle production was stopped around 1954 but mopeds were still produced till the sixties.
The Sachs engine has two speeds that are engaged via a lever on the side of the petrol tank.
The saddle is of Wittkop manufacture. We think the paintwork on this machine is original: wheel rims and spokes have had had a new chromium finish a number of years ago.
This pleasant lightweight has been part of a static collection for a number of years so she will benefit from a complete check-over.