Montgomery 1934 De Luxe 350 cc 1 cyl ohv



Montgomery 1934  “De Luxe” 350 cc OHV JAP   engine# 10. /  F 53122/ 5

Already before the first world war William  Montgomery built motorcycles with proprietary engines at Bury St. Edmunds. 
He moved to Coventry  where he also started to manufacture sidecars.  
Prior to the war Montgomery produced a model with their own side valve flat twin engine of 708 cc capacity equipped with Sturmey Archer hub gear. 
The production of motorcycles and sidecars was interrupted  for the duration of the hostilities. 
After the war, in the early twenties, his son Jack resumed motorcycle production; the frames for the early Brough Superior models were built at the Montgomery Works. 
In later years the range of machines was widened: in 1924 three models were offered, with 147 cc Villiers two stroke, 349 cc OHV Bradshaw and 600cc side valve JAP engines. 
For the 1929 model year no less than eight models were catalogued, one with a 247 cc Villiers engine and the others with  JAP power sources. 
In 1934 the range still consisted of one Villiers  engined and seven JAP engined models: four OHV singles, a side valve single, a side valve V-twin and an OHV V-twin. 
The beginning of the second world war ended Montgomery production definitively.
This  350 cc “ De Luxe”  Montgomery  is  a rare bird nowadays. 
It is an older restoration and  it is equipped with  four speed Albion gearbox, high level exhaust system and Dunlop “Drilastic” saddle.