Motobecane 1933 Model B33A 250cc 1 cyl sv 2612



Motobécane  1933  “B 33 A“  249 cc side valve frame # 239710  engine # 239787

Abel Bardin and Charles  Benoît   were responsible for the very successful 175 cc  direct  belt driven  MB 1   Motobécane two stroke that was presented in 1923.
In 1925 they designed a more powerful and comfortable 308 cc two stroke with a two speed gearbox. This machine was marketed  as  “Motoconfort” and from 1926  the Motobécane and Motoconfort operated as sister makes.
From 1927 on the range was expanded with four stroke models that were powered by engines from Blackburne and JAP, while gearboxes from Burman, Staub, Albion and various other makes were fitted.
But the company aimed at producing their own engines and from 1930 a range of three speed side valve  unit engines from 175 to 500 cc was used to power the various Motobécane and Motoconfort models.
This 250 is a  well-sorted compact motorcycle with bore x stroke dimensions of 65 x 75 mm.  It comes complete with full electric lighting,  steering damper and auxiliary foot clutch control.