Mustad 1955 Folkscooter III 49.7cc 1 cyl TS 3311



Mustad 1955 Folkscooter III 49.7 cc motorscooter engine # 020300

The Mustad Folkscooter 111 is a Swedish-made mopedscooter, designed around 1952 by the engineers Bjarne Christensen and Johan Mustad at AB O. Mustad & Son in Gothenburg. It comes on the market in 1954 and is fitted with a Berlin-made AMO FM 50 K engine that can be split vertically and has replaceable cylinder liners. The little engine delivers approx. 1.3 hp @ 4,000 rpm. The engine is located over the front wheel for direct drive per chain. The 4-inch wheels have 10 x 3″ tires. The Mustad Folkscooter is marketed in Sweden, Norway and Denmark; in the latter country a B.F.C. engine is employed. The first models are not equipped with pedals but have to be pushed to get into action.
In magazine adverts the advantages of the new scooter are highlighted: “ Without a driver’s license, and completely free of tax, you can drive the new scooter MUSTAD, and it costs you barely 3 øre in petrol and oil expenses per kilometer. MUSTAD provides nice, comfortable protection in muddy weather, and it is designed with maximum traffic safety for you, thanks to its low balance point. The reliable 49 cc two-stroke engine is unusually quiet and provides traction that defeats all hills. You will enjoy the wide, comfortable seat and the excellent suspension and ample luggage space.
The engine runs on a 25:1 petrol-oil mixture and has a manually operated clutch. The electrical system works with a Noris 6V 3W flywheel magneto and the rear-wheel suspension is a self-damping rubber system. There is no front suspension on board. The frame consists of welded steel tubes and pressed steel sheet. The front brake is operated by hand, the rear by foot. This interesting “typically fifties” scooter  will surely make an excellent display item to enhance a “fifties and sixties” atmosphere in mancave, shop or office.