MV Agusta 1960 GTE Sport Checca 99cc 1 cyl ohv 2511



MV Agusta 1960 Checca 99c 1 cyl ohv  Frame # MV GTE S*583568*  Engine *MV-S-583698*

Debuting in 1960, the MV GT Sport was a lightweight motorcycle that was available in two displacements, 83 and 99cc.
This 99cc single cilinder, 4-stroke engine was rated at 5,15 HP at 6000 rpm.
The frame followed MV practice, being a mix of tubular front, and a steel pressed in the rear, as well as the engine being mounted in an open duplex cradle.
Production ended around 1969.
This beautifully restored MV GT Sport is running very well.