Nimbus 1937 746cc 4 cyl ohc 3201



Nimbus 1937 746 cc OHC four in line frame # 3029 engine # 13389

In April 1934 the “Nimbus II” was brought out.
The flat steel strip frame was a feature in common with the earlier “stove pipe”, but most other features were totally new: the top half of the crankcase was cast in one piece with the ribbed air cooled cylinder block.
The iron cylinder head sported an overhead camshaft.
The crankshaft drove the overhead camshaft through the upright mounted dynamo via sets of bevel gears.
12,715 were produced between 1934 and 1959. A Nimbus is a real touring motorcycle; it provides 18 HP @ 4,000 RPM. It is a pleasant and unusual design with a good spares situation and it gives a relaxed ride.
The machine we offer has had a careful ageing owner who made sure his Nimbus was in very good mechanical and optical condition when he parted with it: the engine is fitted with new pistons, main bearings, big end bearings and starter ring gear.
A practical side stand is fitted and as an extra a foot change set is available.
This nimbus comes with dashboard that features identification plate, ignition and light switch, charging indicator light, speedometer and horn push button.
A comfortable pillion seat completes this fine post vintage four.