Norton 1940 16H 500 cc sv



Norton ca 1940 model 16 H    490 cc side valve single   frame #  W 41858 engine# W73471


In 1921 Norton Motors moved into  new premises in Bracebridge Street, Birmingham.
The model range consisted of two simple, sturdy and beautifully finished  side valve three speeders, the 490 cc  model 16/17   and  the 633 cc  “Big 4”, and three direct belt drivers, very fast but rather outdated now and really only of interest to the real speed enthusiast.
The model 16 actually was available in a home market version, the 16 H, and a heavier built colonial version, the 17 C. 
The 16 H engine with dimensions of 79×100 mm had a remarkable production run of no less than 45 years. Keywords with this design are reliability, robustness and power.  
The machine is equipped with pillion seat, rear view mirror and luggage rack