NSU 1928 501T 500cc 1 cyl sv



NSU   1928   model “501”     494  cc side valve  combination    frame#813760  engine#108176

The company started as a knitting machine manufacturer ( Neckarsulmer Strickmaschinen Union)  
and went into the bicycle trade in 1886. It was a logic step to move into motorcycle production and in 1901 the first motorised NSU bicycle with Zédel  clip-on engine was produced. 
Soon the development and production of   the company’s own engines  were taken up and the firm became one of the biggest motorcycle firms in Germany. 
In the twenties a line of sturdy machines was developed, of which this model “501” is a fine example. 
The machine has a unit construction engine with three speed gearbox. 
The factory claimed a power output of 11 HP, giving a top speed of 95-100 km/ hour.  
Ignition and lighting are taken care of by a reliable Bosch system. 
The fashionable lightweight AJL sidecar  was a product from  H. Ahlborn Junior  in Leipzig. 
This pleasant combination is in excellent shape and comes complete with speedometer and  suitcase, ready for a holiday tour.