NSU 1930 201TS 199cc 1 cyl ioe 3102



NSU 1930 “201TS” 199cc IOE frame # 841533 engine # 138532

From April, 1st 1928 new rules apply in Germany as to light motorcycles: machines that have a cubic capacity of less than 200cc are exempt from road tax and can be ridden without a driver’s licence by persons with a minimum age of 16 years.
An excellent move to stimulate the use of light machines one would say, but most companies are not well prepared for this change: many manufacturers do not have such a light model in their range.
That also goes for NSU, there is no time to develop a new model so the company hastily reduces the bore of their 250cc model to bring the capacity back to 199cc and presents the new machine as the 201R.
Later in the year the engine is further developed and the 199cc power source then delivers a healthy 4.5hp @3,300rpm.
Next step is to make the model available with chain transmission, the 201R still had belt drive.
The new 201K is available from February 1929 and a few months later the model is freshened up a bit and is designated “201T”.
The last step in the development of this lightweight NSU is the addition of a saddle tank for the 1930 model year.
The new 201TS also gets a new frame with a lower saddle position.
Total production of the 201 series amounts to approximately 12,900 units between 1928 and 1932.
The 201TS has bore x stroke dimensions of 56.5 x 80mm, mechanical lubrication, three speed hand change gearbox and electric lighting by Noris magdyno.
The machine we offer here is unrestored and looking for a caring new owner that will bring her back to the road again.