NSU 1957 251 OSB Supermax 247cc 1 cyl OHC 3404



NSU 1957 251 OSB “Supermax” 247 cc OHC frame # 3229907 engine # 1836241

Production at NSU was resumed already in May 1945. The company had been lucky that only part of the production facilities had been damaged and the American occupiers immediately consigned the works as a repair facility for US army vehicles. At first bicycles and Kettenkrad off-road vehicles were produced and from the summer of 1947 the pre-war 125 ZDB and 251 OSL models left the factory again. Chief designer became Albert Roder; he had worked with NSU under Walter Moore in the thirties but had left to become head of the design department with Victoria in Nürnberg in 1939. The allies had set strict rules for motorcycle production in post-war Germany; only light machines were to be designed and produced. Roder designed an 98cc OHV machine with pressed steel frame and forks. This new “Fox” also featured pressed steel swingarm front and rear suspension and produced 6 HP @ 6,000 rpm. The machine weighed only 85 kg and was comfortable to ride because of its good suspension and comfortable Pagusa saddle. In 1952 a new brainchild of Albert Order was marketed, the “Max 251 OSB”, where 251 stood for 250 cc single cylinder and OSB for Obengesteuerd (OHV) Sport Blockmotor (unit engine). The Max series would be made in various configurations till 1963.
The Max was a non conformist but very modern design with its sheet metal rolling chassis. The short-stroke 69 x 66 engine had an overhead camshaft which was driven by a very clever system with reciprocating rods, developed by Albert Roder. The rear springing was effected by a cantilever system, that was changed for a more conventional swingarm with shocks in 1956 when the “Supermax” was introduced. The machine we present here is an older restoration in very unspoilt condition that has been unused for quite a number of years and will benefit from a good checkup.