OK 1912 Precision 292 cc 1 cyl sv



O.K.  1912    292 cc s.v   Precision   frame# 9330  engine# 5645

OK motorcycles were manufactured by the firm of Humphries & Dawes  in Birmingham  from 1899 till 1939: from 1926, when one of the controlling partners left the firm, the company was  renamed OK Supreme.  
The firm was established at The company had some success in racing  in the twenties and was sufficiently well established to overcome the downturn in trade in the Depression years.
In the years before the Great War the company fitted among others  “Precision” engines, from the late twenties the company used SV and OHV JAP engines only.

This light but strongly built machine has direct belt drive, acetylene lighting and bulb horn.
Magneto is Bosch, Carburettor Brown&Barlow and the forks are made by Druid. A good quality veteran that has been restored a number of years ago.