Peugeot 1912 5HP 663cc 2 cyl AIV 3212



Peugeot 1912 “5HP” 663cc AIV V-twin frame # 20422 engine # 18191
This famous French marque was one of Europe’s pioneer motorcycle manufacturers entering the market in 1899. They quickly established themselves as one of the premier engine suppliers and motorcycle manufacturers, with their power units being used by companies such as Norton who won the 1907 Isle of Man TT with a Peugeot powered 5HP V-twin in the hands of Rem Fowler. The company was at the forefront of motorcycle development in the years leading up to the First World War, achieving numerous competition successes with their innovative designs, most notable of which was a double overhead cam parallel twin cylinder racing engine of 499cc. Peugeot’s catalogued models were often more conservative and this also goes for the machine we offer here. Sturdy and reliable, the 5HP is an excellent example of veteran French motorcycle design. It still has atmospheric inlet valves and direct belt drive. The carburetor is a relatively modern single-lever Claudel but is still operated by an intricate system of rods from the tank top tube, as is the ignition control. The machine has aluminum footrests and a foot-operated rear brake that works on the outside of the belt pulley.

This 5 HP is an older restoration in fine, running, condition that comes with Brooks saddle and bulb horn.