Peugeot 1930 P108 250 cc 1 cyl sv



Peugeot  1930  248 cc side valve model P108  frame# 93965 engine# 84091


In the middle of the twenties Peugeot marketed its first four stroke unit construction engine, a 350 cc model. 
A strong selling point for many prospective customers; no messy  exposed primary drive to a separate gearbox but engine and gears in one neat,  clean housing. In a few years time this concept became very popular, and around 1930 there was a choice between  174 cc ( P 109), 215 cc  ( P110),  248 cc ( P 108)  327 cc (P111) and 346 cc ( P105 and P 107) models. T
he logic of the system is not very transparent, is it?  All machines had side valves, apart from the most sporty model, the OHV   P 105.
The P 108 was a light utility bike, sturdy but with pleasing lines.  
The machine has full electric lighting. 
Ignition is by magneto, oiling system wet sump, 3 speed hand change gearbox.
This  Peugeot is in good condition.