Peugeot 1932 P111 327 cc 1 cyl sv



Peugeot  1932  327 cc side valve model P111  frame#P11189236 

In the middle of the twenties Peugeot marketed its first four stroke unit construction engine, a 350 cc model. 
A strong selling point for many prospective customers; no messy  exposed primary drive to a separate gearbox but engine and gears in one neat,  clean housing. In a few years time this concept became very popular, and around 1930 there was a choice between  174 cc ( P 109), 215 cc  ( P110),  248 cc ( P 108)  327 cc (P111) and 346 cc ( P105 and P 107) models. 
The logic of the system is not very transparent, is it?  
All machines had side valves, apart from the most sporty model, the OHV   P 105. 
Peugeot was able to expand its market share considerably :  in 1927 9947 machines were produced and by 1930 this had grown to 18,602 units, a progression of 85% in just four years.
The P 11 was introduced in the autumn of 1930 and it stayed in the catalogue for three years.
This light and agile machine is equipped with full electric lighting and pressed steel front forks. 
It has been finely restored.