Raleigh 1924 350cc 1 cyl sv



Raleigh  1924  349  cc   SV    frame#14961      engine# 14084

In the beginning of the  20th century Raleigh’s main business was in the cycle trade. 
Company founder Frank Bowden was a firm believer in variable gear systems and from the end of 1902 the Raleigh Cycle company  put the Sturmey-Archer cycle hub gear on the market. 
There was some motorcycle production between 1899 and 1906, but only after the first world war some serious thought was given again to motorcycle production.
In the early twenties a 699 cc flat twin was produced; from 1922 mostly  single cylinder side valve singles were put on the market and these economical, well made machines proved to be great sellers. 
This 1924 example has never been restored and is in extremely original condition. 
These “oily rag” machines are getting scarcer and scarcer ( and more and more appreciated) and they have a charm entirely of their own.