Reliant 1950 Prince Regent trade van 747cc 4cyl sv 3310



Reliant 1950 “Prince Regent” trade van 747cc 4 cylinder side valve frame # 462469 engine # 6511

The Raleigh Safety Seven tricycle had one wheel at the front and two wheels at the back and was produced from 1933 till 1936 as a rival of the Morgan three-wheeler. When production stopped designer Tom Williams set up Reliant Engineering to continue the production but not as a passengers’ vehicle but as a trade van. At first a JAP V-twin engine was used but soon this was exchanged for a car-type four cylinder Austin Seven engine. When Austin stopped the production of this engine type Reliant adapted the design and in September, 1939 started to produce their own engine, still heavily based on the Austin design, with a power delivery of 14 hp @ 3,500 rpm. There’s a three speed gearbox with reverse on board and shaft drive to the rear wheels via a differential gear. Reliant delivery vans were popular because of their dependability, fuel economy, easy handling and small turning circle. They were available in several types with load capacity of around 300 or 500 kg. The Prince Regent was first registered on October 18, 1950 and has a payload of 300 kg. She has been thoroughly restored with new aluminium body panels, new ash body and new roof covering.