Royal Enfield 1913 3 hp twin 450 cc 2 cyl ioe



Royal Enfield  1914  3 HP  (425 cc)  IOE  V-twin   frame# 3795  engine# F 160


The Redditch  based Royal Enfield firm entered the motorcycle business as early as 1898:  In the early days engines from De Dion powered their tricycles and quadricycles; Minerva supplied the power for the first motorized cycles. 
In the years before WW I  the company was very successful with light  Motosacoche-engined V twins. 
These machines were equipped with the famous Enfield two-speed gear, involving twin primary chains. 
In the rear wheel  hub a rubber cush drive was fitted, to take the punch out of the chaindrive. 
This feature was to be incorporated into all Royal Enfields until the very end. 
In 1913 Enfield started to produce their own 425 cc V-twin, featuring dry sump lubrication with an automatic geared oil pump, a very modern feature at that time. 
The oil was carried in a glass cylinder  that  was held between two aluminium fixtures. 
The engine developed no less than 14 HP, which gave the machine a maximum speed of 55 mph.  
In the 1914 Junior TT  – the engines were reduced in size to 350 cc- eight out of nine Royal Enfield twins finished, with a very creditable five in the first twenty places. 
This machine is an older restoration.