Royal Enfield 1928 Model 182 1000 cc 2 cyl sv



Royal Enfield 1928   976 cc V-twin model 182   frame# E 6296  engine # E 6296

V-twins have been part of the Royal Enfield range since 1910. Motosacoche, JAP and Vickers engines were built in till the factory decided to start producing its own V-twin engine from the 1925 season. 
The twin model was sold in two types, the model 180 for the touring version and the model 182 for the sports version with lower handlebars. The 1928 range was the first year of the saddle tank models. 
A special feature of this model is that both brakes are operated by foot pedals. 
Max power output is about 27 HP; full Lucas electrics are on board and the machine has been restored to concourse condition.