Rudge 1924 twin 1000cc 2 cyl ioe



Rudge 1924 998cc V-Twin ioe.

The Rudge factory gained fame for it’s “multi” variable gear system, which proved its merit by a first place for Rudge in the 1914 TT.
Many single cylinders machines with ioe construction and multi-gear system were sold, and in 1915 a V-twin engine was introduced.
The greater power of this  engine caused the need for a new transmission system, so Rudge came up, in 1923, with their own 4 speed gearbox, together with a conventional clutch and secondary chain transmission.
This proved to be an efficient way to fully use the power and flexibility of the 998cc engine.
This overhead inlet valve V-Twin is a beautyful piece of machinery.
Furthermore, V-Twin Rudges are very rare.
Actually in our many years in the vintage scene this beautifully restored machine is only the second Rudge V-Twin we set our eyes on.